Technology is crucial to your business, but unmanaged it is chaos at best.

Get control of your business and
bring order to the chaos.

What HelpBox Does
For You


Managed services are proactive, preventative. Problems are contained and rare, keeping costs low and within an expected range. Projects are planned in advance so there are few surprises.


Technology is a diverse field. It is impossible to be expert in everything. It is equally as hard to keep your people properly educated. HelpBox has the expertise you need with the tools and services you require to succeed.


Your business wants to grow, or perhaps needs to shrink. Whatever scale you are today will not be adequate for the demands of tomorrow. Let HelpBox help you scale in the direction you need to go.

Focus on
Core Business

With HelpBox handling your technology needs it frees you, your staff, and your budget to focus on what makes your business great.

Single Stop for
All Your Needs

Our philosophy is to provide you with a solid foundation, upon which we can deploy every technology your business needs. Using our fully owned Hybrid Cloud. We provide it all.

How HelpBox Beats
The Competition

We Develop
Our Own Software

Where appropriate, what we use has been developed in-house, or from an open source project we contributed to. The software has been tailored specifically to support you. And we pass along the costs we have saved.

These development skills are available for any custom software needs you may have.

We Use
Our Own Products

It’s referred to as “eating your own dog food.” Nothing prepares you to support a product like using it yourself. At HelpBox we don’t offer it unless we have used it ourselves first.

We Have Our Own
Data Centers

While we do work with Big Cloud providers such as AWS and Azure, costs add up. To help, HelpBox operates its own data centers. Inside we built a secure environment suited to your needs.

These data centers are directly connected to your business using the HelpBox, as if they were a branch office. This configuration is known as a Hybrid Cloud.

Embrace the New With the
Wisdom of Age

Some never move on from the past, believing nothing new is worthy. Others completely ignore the past and all it can teach.

At HelpBox we have been doing this since the beginning, and still everything new has something to offer. We incorporate both sides into our offering and our customer service.


Many service providers are local-only. HelpBox has a national footprint. We can service you where you are and where you are going.

What HelpBox Offers

Managed Networking

The cornerstone of our offering is a safe, secure office network that is ideal for Windows, Mac’s, and Linux. With fully secure WiFi, capitive portal if you need it, and regular audits, there is no place like home. Our expert staff can then assist with workflow automation, custom app development, and much more.

For more, see our description of Managed Services.


Beginning with our world class firewall, the HelpBox, your network is secure from attacks. Whether it is blocking traffic outside the US or recognizing patterns of ill intent, we keep hackers out.

Road Warrior

Your people are on the road. They need access to company resources, and putting it in the cloud is just too dangerous. With HelpBox VPN your road warriors can bring the office with them.


You have multiple offices but you want them to access company resources as if they were across the hall. From phones to time clocks to the big color copier that staples for you, multiple offices are merged as one.


When connected to the internet security is a top priority. HelpBox has developed a technique where virus’ are blocked. Period. If your machine appears to be affected by malware a simple reboot fixes almost everything.


Voice and Video calls are a critical piece of a modern office. HelpBox Voice is fully integrated into your business.


Do you have need for a full call center with queues and metrics boards? Or just a few people need to act as spill-over to the receptionist? It can be done with ease.

Help Desk

Your people need help. Resolution needs to be orderly, with accountability. Our help desk ensures you they remain productive, even when things break.


Long ago HelpBox’s Infrastructure was on VMWare. No more. We can move you too.


Whether your people are remote or you have off-shore workers, they can dial in with ease.


Sleep well at night knowing you have local backups for easy retrieval and remote backups for disaster recovery.


Still the key app of the internet. Whether you need Exchange or IMAP, Mac or PC, Desktop or phone, iOS or Android, we have what you need.


Past email clutters up your inbox and your life, but you can’t just delete it. Email archival lets you get it out of sight until you need to refer back to it.


You own a bunch of domains, but knowing what you have and how to modify them is like herding cats. At HelpBox we handle all that for you.


Monitoring your premises is a necessary element of life. Let us help you bring greater security to your locations.


Files stored locally at your office is still the fastest and safest foundation for your business. Let us help you build your centralized permission-based repository.


Whether you need Active Directory or LDAP, we have the know-how.

HelpBox Cloud

Certain core functions belong in the local office. The rest probably does not. If you use AWS or Azure you still need expensive experts to run things. With HelpBox all you do is pick the service you need. We do the rest. Best of all, our cloud is securely connected to your office(s) with no internet exposure. We can host just about anything you need. Here is a sample of the many services we offer.

& No-SQL

Pick the database.
We do the rest.
Need analytics help?
We can do that too.


Need to exchange information with clients, safely?


Your people need to stay in touch, in real time. You need to maintain ownership over what is written and mediate. Corporate chat is for you.


When it is time to archive all that paper, let us know.


You have myriad online accounts. Your people need access to some but not all. Outdated password spreadsheets are printed everywhere. Passcodes will make things safer but otherwise not better. We can help.


As all of your applications move online so must workflow automation. Allow your applications to interoperate and exchange data, without using code.


Need to move on from Quickbooks? We did too.


Is getting notified necessary in your workflow. Do you need a text when long-running tasks complete, or fail. There is a solution.


In some professions you need your free/busy time published to the internet so people can make appointments with you. We have an answer.


Need a tool focused solely on invoicing and ease of payment? Is a full-blown accounting system simply more than you need? Work with the best tools out there today and get paid faster.


Whether you want to store your daily working files (aka Dropbox) or archivals (S3), or multi-site synchronization of petabyte-sized (PB) systems we can help you with that. Need it tied to your local storage? We can do that too.


Lets Encrypt has changed the world for public certificates. But they can’t help when your needs are internal-only. We can.