Managed Services

What is Managed Services

Managed Networking First

Before we can discuss managed services we need to discuss manage networking. In its simplest form managed networking is giving every device on your network a place to exist, then ensuring that they can do what they are authorized to do, and nothing else, plain and simple. It is referred to as the principle of least privilege. HelpBox uses it everywhere.

It ensures the bad guys cannot get access to your stuff while your road warriors can. It guarantees performance where needed. For example, it makes certain that the video conference does not hog all the bandwidth in the office, where then your phones drop calls and or your voice drops out. It ensures your employees cannot do the same by watching youtube or facebook videos during lunch. Perhaps your people shouldn’t be able to get to those sites at all.

It is about establishing a set of rules, called best practices, and making certain that every device, and therefore everyone, connected to the network adheres to those rules.

There are countless scenarios for countless needs. HelpBox Managed Networking can achieve them all.

Then What About Managed Services

Your house rests on a solid foundation or it would fall down. Your managed network is your business’ foundation. It is what allows all the products and services you use to perform as intended. Without it there is only chaos.

Yet with managed networking in place that still does not ensure the products and services you need will perform. Email, databases, accounting systems, phone systems, etc all have their own requirements and rules. Making it all work takes expertise, careful planning and configuration, and monitoring for problems.

What HelpBox Offers

At HelpBox we believe in a solid foundation. We provide a secure and consistent environment for your equipment and the information vital to your company. We provide the environment that stops bad actors and hackers. But we also stop employee misconduct, unintentional or otherwise, which is the source of most productivity and data loss.

We ensure performance to those devices, apps, and services that need it, while denying those resources to efforts that do not make money for your business.

Our systems and services carefully defer maintenance tasks to happen after hours so your valuable time is not interrupted. No Windows updates will be installing during a meeting.

We monitor the behavior of your systems 24/7/365. If something is out of place, we know about it and fix it before it becomes a problem.