Everyone Needs It

When the PC first came out it needed an app to legitimize it. That app was the spreadsheet. When the Internet became available, it too needed an app to legitimize it. That app was and still is email.

Email is the ubiquitous app that every person and business needs. Today, almost all business is conducted via email as the mode of communication. Simple examples are banking, finance, insurance, and all online purchases. It is as necessary as electricity.

What HelpBox Offers

At HelpBox we prioritize safety, blocking spam and bad actors. Our personnel assist getting email installed on your phone, computer or tablet, regardless of the platform.

Based on your preference you can either use Microsoft Exchange or the more standard IMAP. We have plans that are email-only or the full mail, contacts, and calendar.

You can connect to your email using Outlook, the standard Apple Mail app, or any app of your choice. You can also choose to use a web browser or our own self-contained app.


Here are some of the common questions about our email service.

Mailboxes begin at 25GB of space, and go up from there.

POP3 is a long-outdated protocol. It has been fully replaced by IMAP. At HelpBox it is turned off by default. If you need POP3 please contact us to understand certain limitations and make arrangements.

We do not. All it takes is one email reported as spam to get an entire server black-listed. Anyone who has used Rackspace knows that.

HelpBox can, however, assist you getting connected to customer contact systems such as Mailgun, Mailchimp or Constant Contact.

If you need to do unsolicited email, we can assist with products such as Woodpecker.

Yes. We support the latest version of EAS.

We support Android and iOS.

Yes. HelpBox personnel are experienced at moving email to our platform from wherever you are at the moment.

Still have more questions?

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have..
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