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Many times per minute a hacker is probing your network for a way in, a weakness. If they get in they often exploit your data for ransom. Your firewall is your first and most important line of defense, from threats outside and in.

What Does a Firewall Do?

In simplest form a firewall has two jobs: allow your outbound traffic (going to Google) onto the internet while blocking traffic trying to get in. Yet even something that simple is more complicated. When you go to a web site the web page needs to be sent back to you, which is traffic trying to get in. But isn’t a firewall supposed to stop traffic trying to get in? The real answer is, yes and no.

A firewall’s job is to determine which inbound (and outbound) traffic is legitimate and which is not. A good firewall does that with the help of defined rules tailored to the way your business works.

For example, if you don’t do business internationally, we set a rule that all traffic from outside the US should be blocked. If you do business with, say, Japan only, we add a rule to let traffic to and from that country to flow in and out.

Perhaps, also, you do not want your employees watching Netflix during working hours. A rule can be set to stop that. Firewalls work to ensure both security and productivity.

Using a set of rules, some standard, some custom, the HelpBox (where our company got its name) protects your business from invaders and ensures maximum productivity.

What HelpBox Offers

The HelpBox is a state-of-the-art firewall using rules specific to your business to protect you. It employs intelligent intrusion detection (IDS) and intrusion prevention (IPS) methods, combined with real-time threat metrics, to ensure that your business operates safely.

Our firewall monitors incoming threats and reports its findings back to us. We then inform every client’s HelpBox of that threat. Like your neighborhood watch program, what one sees, all are now aware of. We call it HelpBox Community Protection.


Here are some of the common questions related to our enhanced firewall.

Our firewall is the first line of defense against viruses, intrusion attempts, ransomware, & malware.

Yes. Our firewalls can be programmed to safely allow appropriate traffic to enter your network. You can define who and to what resources or computers they can access.

Yes. If you are connected to the internet and have information to protect, no matter what kind, you need a firewall.

No. Devices from service providers are overly simplistic. Stopping hackers is a game of cat and mouse. As we block they adapt. The devices from service providers cannot adapt to the changing threat landscape.

In almost every circumstance our firewall works with or replaces the device your service provider gave you. The preference is to replace, saving you rental fees.

Yes. Dynamic or static. Either will work.

No. It is a primary component in the battle to securing your business, but other pieces are needed too. HelpBox Manages Services provides everything you need to protect your business.

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